Beginner Golf Swing Tips | How To Aim At Your Target

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I hear golfers complaining that they just want to get their swing right and not worry about all this other “crap.”

By crap they are usually referring to grip, aim and setup.

We established in the last post and video that grip is one of the most important aspects of the golf swing.

If you get your grip right and are able to make solid contact with the golf ball, with a square clubface, does it matter if you are aimed out of bounds?

Absolutely not!

This is 2 of a 3 part series on pre-swing fundamentals. Those fundamentals are grip, aim and setup.

You can see the part 1 video on How To Grip A Golf Club HERE.

Check out this video on Beginner Golf Swing Tips | How To Take Aim At Your Target. As mentioned above, without getting your aim correct you can hit the ball perfectly and still find yourself in trouble.

Beginner Golf Swing Tips | The Importance of Aiming at Your Target

Aim is a principle that influences the law of path or direction.

It’s very simple folks…

If you are not aimed correctly at your target, the chances of you hitting that target are slim to none, no matter how good you hit the golf ball.

The object in golf is to put a small ball in a small hole, hundreds of yards away and the only way to do that is to hit it in the direction of the hole.

I’m sure we can all agree with that.

Why then do so many golfers take aim way to the left or right of their target?

If a golfer knows his/her tendency is to hit a huge slice, they will aim way to the left and “hope” that it comes back closer to where they need it to be.

The problem with that is when they do hit it good then they wind up in trouble.

Big Tip: Never aim so far left or right that when you hit a good shot you wind up in trouble or worse…out of bounds!

Sometimes the problem is that the golfer doesn’t even know where they are aiming.

This compounds the problem even more.

Beginner Golf Swing Tips | How To Aim At Your Target | Setting Up Aiming Sticks

When you are practicing you should always have a plan in mind. If today is “aiming at your target” day, then you need to have something that shows you exactly where you are lined up.

You can use a couple of golf clubs or a couple of aiming sticks that can be picked up cheap on our Trusted Tools Page.

You set them up like railroad tracks with one pointed at your intended target and the other one running parallel to it in front of your feet.

This lets you know where the path to your intended target is, as well as, whether your stance is parallel, open or closed, when compared to the target line.

This will give you the best chance of sending the golf ball towards your intended target.

In part 3 of our 3 part series on pre-swing fundamentals, we will show you what your posture and setup should look like.

In case you missed part 1 on How To Hold A Golf Club.

As always my friends…Long and straight!


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