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getting your golf setup correct

Although the principle of Golf Setup is based more on preferences, it is no less important than your grip and aim because it can affect all 5 of the laws of the golf swing.

The primary influence of your golf setup is on distance and direction.

This is 3 of a 3 part series on pre-swing fundamentals. Again, those fundamentals are grip, aim and setup.

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Check out this video on Getting Your Golf Setup Correct. The video doesn’t talk as much about what other laws your setup affects so you might want to read this blog post, as well.

The Importance of Getting Your Golf Setup Correct

Above I said that your golf setup primarily influences distance and direction, but in actual fact it affects all of the laws of golf.

If your setup it off…

Your clubhead speed will suffer, which means your distance suffers.c posture good posture

If your setup is off…

The centeredness of clubhead contact will be off causing issues with both distance and direction.

If your setup is off…

The path that your clubhead will travel will be off and cause your direction to be off.

If your setup is off…

Your clubface will be less likely to get back to square causing sidespin to be imparted on the ball and causing a hook or slice.


If your setup is off…

Your ball position will affect the angle of approach and trajectory (height) of the shot.

With that being said…

Imagine if you setup to the ball differently every time…

How hard will it be to get any kind of consistency in your shots!?

Consistency In Your Golf Setup Is Key

Even if your setup isn’t perfect, it is extremely important to make sure you are setup exactly the same way every time.

If your setup is consistent you will be able to analyze what you are doing wrong and make small corrections.

What Does Manufacturing have To Do With Your Golf Setup

The manufacturing process that made Japan a powerhouse back in the mid 1980’s was not a new concept.

“Kaizen” was popularized by an American businessman after World War II, to help American manufacturers refine their processes.

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means, “change for the better.”

I will talk about it more in future lessons, but basically it is about making small continuous improvements in a process over time until it is as close to perfect as possible.

If you use Kaizen, as it pertains to your golf setup and golf swing, it will help your game a bunch!

Make small adjustments and improve slowly and you will find that golf will become a whole lot more fun!

Going Beyond Golfs Pre-Swing Fundamentals

Now that you have the basics we can start to introduce some more advanced techniques into your swing.

But remember…

Even the most advanced players…

Including tour players…

Fall back on the basic fundamentals when things go wrong.

If you find yourself struggling to make shots that you normally don’t have any trouble with.

Go back and look at your pre-swing fundamentals of grip, aim and setup, and make sure they are solid before tweaking anything else.

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As always my friends…Long and straight!


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