Best Golf Stretches To Improve Drive Distance

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Recently, I got a chance to hang out at the Revere Golf Club driving range, in Henderson Nevada, with Dr. Josh Satterlee, from Anthem Fitness and Shawn Callahan from ShawnCallahanGolf.Net and talk about the Best Golf Stretches To Improve Drive Distance.

Over the next little while I will be doing a series of posts on some quick and easy stretches and exercises that will help improve your golf game and help prevent injuries.

A lot of golfers miss the opportunity to play better golf by neglecting the physical aspect of the game. The proper stretching and/or exercises can really help improve your golf game quickly.

Dr. Josh Satterlee of Las Vegas, is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.) Provider. Dr. Josh founded Anthem Fitness to teach people to move better.

He is a Certified Titleist Performance Institute Medical and Fitness Provider.

What that means to you is that he knows golf fitness!

If you’re looking to hit your driver just a little bit further, the video below shows one of the best golf stretches you can do for that.

Golf flexibility exercises are very important to help you build that rotation that is so important in your golf swing.

Almost all of the really big hitters, including those in the long drive competitions, are super flexible or extremely powerful.

You can use simple golf stretches to improve flexibility or spend hours in the gym to increase your strength, it’s up to you.

We highly recommend that you do both!

This is another one of those stretches for golfers that can be done just before your round and using a golf cart, so you have no excuse not to make it happen.

As you increase your flexibility for golf you’ll find that these exercises get easier and easier. If all you can do for now is put your foot up on the golf cart and stretch the back of your leg and hamstring, then stick with that.

Go easy at first and don’t hurt yourself!

Different people are going to feel the stretch in different places. If you feel it more in the back of your leg then in your hips or lats, that’s okay. Those of the areas you want to work on more.

Make sure you stretch both sides.

Many people don’t understand that good golf stretches build both sides of your golf swing.

In this particular exercise you do want to focus on that lead leg. For you right-handed golfers that would be your left leg. For you left-handed golfers that would be your right leg.

Work on your hip flexibility and you will find that you’re hitting longer and straighter drives in no time.

As always my friends…Long and straight!


Paul “The Golf Guy” Charron

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