Episode 009 | Paul Charron Talks Golf Terminology

episode 009 paul talks golf terminology

In this episode Paul “The Golf Guy” Charron talks about golf terminology. We’ve given all the definitions below in the show notes.

Many new golfers get lost in the language of golf. I hope these episodes help you get a better understanding of what our instructors are talking about when they tell you to do certain movements or make comments about something you are doing right in your golf swing.

Golf Terminology

  • Acceleration- A positive increasing change in the velocity of an object; in golf usually referring to the hands, arms or clubhead. A major objective of all swings from the beginning of the forward swing to impact.
  • Address- The process the player goes through in positioning their body and the club for the stroke. From a rules standpoint it is when the player has taken their stance and grounded the club, or if in a hazard, when he has taken his stance.
  • Aim Line– We will discuss when we talk about target line.
  • Alignment- The arrangement of the parts of the body and the clubface in relation to the target. A Part of aiming.
  • Angle of Approach- The steepness of descent or ascent of the clubhead’s forward swing which influences the trajectory and distance of ball will travel.
  • Approach shot- A stroke made to or onto the putting green, or one made from the fairway in proximity to the green.
  • Axis- A straight line around which a body rotates. There are several axis in the golf swing. The one most frequent referred to is the spine, around which the upper body rotates.
  • Backswing- The motion of the club, hands, arms and body away from the ball creating the potential energy to be delivered downward, outward and forward through the ball.
  • Backspin- The backward rotation of the ball on its horizontal axis influenced by the loft of the club face, the angle of approach and the clubhead velocity. The ball struck below its center with any golf club that has loft, even a putter, will have backspin in the airborne portion of its flight. The greater the backspin, the steeper the ball will fly in the more quickly it will stop or “bite.”
  • Balance- Equilibrium in a static position ( i.e. at address)
  • Baseball grip- Also known as the “10 finger grip” has all fingers on the grip without interlocking or overlocking, very much like holding a baseball bat.
  • Bladed shot- One that has a low line drive trajectory as a result of having been struck on the lower portion of the club face on or below the balls equator. Also known as a “skulled shot.”
  • Block- To prevent or delay the rotation of the arms, body, wrists or club in the forward swing.
  • Break- The curved line the ball travels on the ground because of slope, grain or wind. Also break may referred to the bending at a joint, like your wrist or elbow. (i.e. he broke his wrists through impact)
  • Bump and run- Shot around the green deliberately played into a bank or hill to deaden the speed while still allowing the ball to bound forward. A shot that gets the ball onto the green quickly, with very little trajectory, and rolling towards the pin.
  • Bunker- Sandy or grassy hollow forming an obstacle on the golf course. (Sand trap is a term not in the rulebook Bunker is.)
  • Carry- The distance the ball travels in the air.
  • Casting- A premature release of cocked wrists on the forward swing which causes the clubhead to arrive at the ball out of sequence, ahead of the hands and arms. Also known as hitting from the top or “coming over the top.”
  • Center of gravity- The point in the body where the upper mass, lower mass right and left sides all balance
  • Centrifugal force- The action in a rotating body tending to move mass away from the center. The force one feels in the downswing that pulls the clubhead outward and downward extending the arms and encouraging the clubhead to take circular path.
  • Center of rotation- The access around which the body winds and unwinds (i.e. the spine)
  • Centripetal force- The force that tends to move things toward the center, around which they are turning. Gravitation is an example.

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