Episode 001: GolferOnFire Podcast Launch

golferonfire episode 001

This is our very first episode of GolferOnFire, so I am very happy that you are listening. I hope you’ll stick around for a whole lot more!

I am going to be bringing you what I feel is going to be, not only the hottest GOLF related podcast out there, but I hope even the hottest sports podcast on the planet.

So what’s the GolferOnFire podcast going to be all about?

Today’s episode is just going to be you and I, but in the future we’re going to interview golf professionals, of course, but we also want to interview other people who have had golf touch their lives.

Many celebrities, athletes, and successful business professionals have all been impacted by this amazing game and we think it would be cool to hear from them as well. I promise that we are going to bring you, golf instruction and other really cool stuff that will help set your game on fire!

Who Is Paul “The Golf Guy?”

Let me tell you a little about myself and how I got involved in golf, how GolferOnFire has come to be, and how we hope to be able to help you and your golf game.

I currently live in the incredible city of Las Vegas, but I grew up in a small farm town in southwestern Ontario. There wasn’t much within 10 miles of our house, but there happened to be a golf course. My mom worked for the owner and as a kid I would ride my bike up to hit balls or play golf with my buddy Bill, who was the son of the owner.

I played a tiny bit in high school (maybe one season) too busy having fun instead of playing well, which is still a problem I have today.

Between 1983 and 1988, I was in my late teens/early 20’s and driving an 18 wheeler all over the US and Canada. I wound up married in El Paso. Yes folks, that trucking stuff is dangerous!

While in El Paso, I played golf regularly with my now ex-father-in-law, got more hooked on golf and met a lot of interesting characters, some of whom were responsible for the now famous story of Lee Trevino and Raymond Floyd.

Trevino was known for playing for money and was so good that at one time he supposedly said he could beat anyone, even with a Dr. Pepper bottle taped on the end of a shaft.

Eventually Trevino found someone willing to subsidize his expenses for a few tournaments that didn’t require a Professional Golf Association (PGA) membership.

In 1965 he played in three events, finishing first at the Texas State Open, second at the Mexico City Open, and fifth at the Panama Open.

His play got some attention from a guy named Martin Lettunich, who was a wealthy cotton farmer from El Paso. Lettunich got a job for Trevino at El Paso’s Horizon Hills Country Club.

Lettunich and his buddies invited Raymond Floyd, a rising star on the PGA, to challenge a local player.

Supposedly, Floyd rolled up to Horizon Hills in a white Cadillac. He was met by a young Hispanic clubhouse boy, who got Floyd’s clubs out of the trunk, escorted him to the locker room, and shined his shoes.

Floyd asked the kid, ‘Who am I playing today?’ ‘You’re talking to him,’ said Trevino.

They played three rounds, and with one hole left, Trevino was up by a stroke.

Floyd made an eagle on the final hole to win by one, and stop himself from getting his butt kicked by the young Trevino.

Floyd grabbed his clubs and told Trevino, “Adios. I’ve got easier games than this on the Tour.”

Since then, they obviously played against each other many times on the PGA and Champions Tours.

The Move To Las Vegas

In 1991, wound up moving to Las Vegas…long story but was transferred by an electronics company I was working for to open a store there. I decided after 4 years of retail, and honing my game a little more, I was going to play professionally.

I played a couple of qualifying events on the Nike Tour but couldn’t get it together.

I Came back and started working at Las Vegas Hilton Country Club now Las Vegas National.

The Las Vegas Hilton Country Club had a ton of history and because the PGA tour played there I got to meet a lot of tour players there. It was also a spot that a few celebrities came out to play.

I also got to meet some of the gang from the Long Drive Association there as well, including Sean Fister, Brian Pavlet and Art Sellinger.

The Rio Secco Golf Club Comes Calling

In 1997, I was hired on to open the Rio Secco Golf Club in Henderson, NV just south of the Las Vegas strip.

The golf course was phenomenal!

I wasn’t a big fan of the corporate environment of the golf course, or maybe it was the casino element. I did learn a lot and get to meet even more tour players and celebrities through the Rio Secco and their events.

A friend, I had met through another corporate event company, started a company called The Golf Authority. In 1998, I decided to take a chance on his company and I left Rio Secco.

I got to travel all over the country doing corporate golf events and I became one of the best onsite golf professionals in the country, when it came to corporate golf events.

The Golf Authority became Paramount Destination Services and we started doing corporate events other than just golf related events. This is when I felt we lost our primary focus and things started to fall apart.

I left Paramount in mid 2007 and started my own company, which is not golf related, and it has done fairly well.

But I wanted to get back into the golf business in some way shape or form.

I started thinking, maybe I could get into the long drive game.

I turned 50 in 2014 and now could compete in the Super Senior division. I wouldn’t have to compete with guys have my age and I could take everyone along for the ride with me during the training, competing etc.

GolferOnFire.Com was born.

I got fired up!

I starting working out and training. I bought some new “long drive” equipment. I was on a mission.

Well, that was killed when I found out the Long Drive Association lost their major sponsor (ReMax) and wouldn’t have a competition in 2015.

I thought no problem, I’ll just change directions a little bit.

I decided to call my friend Shawn Callahan over at the Butch Harmon School and told him I’d like to work with him on a project.

I told him that I wanted to get back into the golf arena at a different level and I thought he would be a huge asset for the market I wanted to serve.

He said something to the effect of “sounds like fun.”

GolferOnFire Gets Access To World Class Instruction

Shawn Callahan is a world class instructor and has worked beside Butch Harmon for over 20 years, on players such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and most recently Charlie Hoffman.

He has a new rising star in women’s golf named Hannah O’Sullivan and we are going to see awesome stuff from here over the coming years.

Shawn knows what he is talking about!!

We are also working with Dr. Josh Satterlee who is a badass chiropractor who has been trained by the Titleist Performance Institute. He specializes in getting your golf fitness right.

We’ll have him on the show a lot and I’ll keep my language buzzer handy for him…okay and maybe me as well, but Dr Josh is an absolute riot and also a consummate professional who cares about your well being.

We are also putting together some other professionals to help us with the mental aspect of the game, which is somewhat overlooked by many instructors and it is SOOOOO important.

We are going to talk about the etiquette of the game, which I believe has been somewhat lost over the past decade. We are going to talk about course management as it relates to playing the game and we will also dig into the rules of the game.

We want to keep you out of trouble with your playing partners and also help you keep them in line when it comes to playing the game correctly.

Annnnnnd, we are going to try and do this while keeping it light and informative and most of all FUN, because that is why we play games to begin with.

When the instruction needs more visual aspects to help you learn it we will also have video, over on our YouTube Channel and webinars available sometimes.

Hopefully we’ll be able to have some surprises along the way and maybe even get out to your local golf course for a clinic in the future….

Who knows.

I hope you’ll join us every week. We suggest using our podcast as something to listen to on your way to play golf, if not for some last minute tips, maybe at least a chuckle or two.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast so you can easily tune in to future episodes and set your game ON FIRE!


As always my friends…Long and straight!


Paul “The Golf Guy” Charron

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