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Hello my fellow golf addicts, we have a very special show today, I have Shawn Callahan in the studio today, 20+ year veteran of the golf instruction business and on the phone we have a young lady who is setting the Junior golf world ON FIRE.

Meet Our Guest

The young lady with us today is fresh off the biggest win of her young career so far, the U.S.Womens Amateur at the Portland Golf Club.

This caps off an amazing season with 5 wins in 8 events. She began the year with a record breaking win at the Symetra Gateway Classic. A pro tournament which she won by 4 shots. She broke a 20 year record for youngest player to win a Symetra tour event.

She went on to win 2 AJGA invitational events in a row. She was runner up in the inaugural U.S.Womens 4 ball event where she tied a 63 year old record by winning a USGA match 10 & 8.

Last Sunday she won the biggest tournament of her life at the U.S. Amateur and her life has been a whirlwind since then. We are honored to have her on the show.

I’d like to give a red hot GolferOnFire welcome to Hannah O’Sullivan, Hannah thanks for joining us.

Getting to Know Hannah O’Sullivan

How and when did you first get introduced to golf?

When I was about 6 years old, I was obsessed with mini golf and then my parents suggested I play real golf. I liked it.

When did you first notice that you could hit it better than most other golfers?

I started playing local tournaments at 8 years old. I wasn’t great at first, but I improved quickly and started dominating 11 and under. Then around 12 I realized that I was better than most kids my age.

What really FIRES YOU UP about golf? What is your favorite thing about the sport?

I love to compete and I love golf. Being able to compete and travel around the world playing a game I love is great.

Who is you favorite golf professional of all time?

I like Stacey Lewis. She is competitive and a great role model.

What is your favorite golf course?

I would have to say Portland Golf Club. (where she just won the US Amateur Championship)

What is your favorite golf movie?

Greatest Game Ever Played.

If you could pick any 3 people to be in your dream 4 some, who would they be?

 Annika, Julie Inkster, Jack Nicklaus.

Coach Shawn Callahan Talks About Hannah’s Training

What kind of training do you guys do…STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, MENTAL?

Shawn- I work on the golf swing and work in directing the physical training. The strength training is more about maintenance and staying healthy.

When did you and Hannah start working together?

Oct, Nov of 2014

What changes did you guys work on. What’s different this year from last?

 Hannah– My ball striking has come a long way. I’ve become a more well-rounded player. I’ve improved my misses.

Can you explain ball striking to the average player?

 Shawn- The ability to hit solid shots and hit the shots you’ve planned out. Players have certain shots they can hit and then their misses. Hannah has been working on reducing the “Big Miss”.

We’ve worked on increasing the frequency of good shots and stop from hitting really bad shots.

Working the ball is tougher these days because of the ball construction. We’ll work on that, but we are working on other things right now.

Hannah is incredibly good already and still has room for improvement.


Shawn explains, “It’s like playing pool and constantly thinking about leaving the ball in a better position to score.”

Contact Shawn Callahan at http://shawncallahangolf.net

Coach Shawn Asks Hannah About The Meaning Of Her Wins

Shawn- You won 5 out of 8 events. Did each event have different meanings for you?

Hannah- The Symetra Tour event was huge because it was a professional event that gave me confidence to know I could compete with better player.

The Rolex Girl’s Invitational was a great win because it was my first invitational and that is considered a big win on the AJGA circuit.

Then I won the Rolex Tournament of Champions. I won by 6 and it gave me the confidence to know I could win back to back tournaments.

Qualifying and playing in the Women’s US Open even when I didn’t play well showed me I could still make the cut and compete, even when I wasn’t at my best.

During the US Women’s Amateur, I knew I could come out on top, each match, but becoming the overall champion was incredible.

What was your first day back to school like after winning the US Amateur?

I get a lot of support from everyone, at Hamilton High School.

You’ve Got a Busy Schedule Over The Next Month Or So

Tomorrow, I’m leaving for China to represent the US in the Pacific Junior match.

After that I head to France to play in the Evian Championship, then on to Germany to represent the US in the Junior Solheim Cup.

Hannah’s Career and Education Goals

What are your future goals for your golf career? School and then LPGA?

My long term is to be the best player in the world and play on the LPGA.

I’m attending USC in Southern Cal. I look forward to being a Trojan.

Education is important so I need to finish that before playing the LPGA.

We think Hannah is an amazing ambassador for women’s golf.

We would like to thank Hannah for talking with us and we look forward to hearing and seeing more from her in the future.


As always my friends…Long and straight!


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