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Everybody knows Orlando Florida to be the home of Walt Disney World.

What many may not know is that Orlando also offers some of the best golf in Florida. During a recent visit with some friends of mine, who are some of the best online marketers on the planet, my wife Lorena and I extended our trip so we could get in a golf course review.

It is no secret that I am a Disney geek, so I wanted to be in close proximity to the Walt Disney World theme park so we could also make a quick visit to the park, as well.

Celebration Golf Club in Celebration Florida

downtown celebration florida

Celebration Florida is a quaint community just outside the gates of WDW. It was manufactured to be that way from the beginning.

All of the homes and condominiums are a blend of Classical, Colonial, French, Coastal, Mediterranean, and Victorian exteriors with more modern interior styles. Reminiscent of that “small town” feel, a large majority of the homes have a cozy front porch and garages that are accessed from a back alley.

Driving around Celebration reminded us of the movie “The Stepford Wives” where everyone’s lives are perfect and happiness is manufactured.

Overall it is really a small town feel and the houses are beautiful.

I love it!

Celebration Golf Club Clubhouse celebration golf club clubhouse

Celebration is also home to the Celebration Golf Club, which is one of only golf course designs that were co-designed by famed American golf course architect, Robert Trent Jones and his son Robert Trent Jones Jr. I believe it is the last time the father/son team worked together.

When you pull up out front you can immediately see the early 1900’s, small town America influence. Bright colors and white picket fences surround the clubhouse.

We were immediately met by a friendly and attentive player services attendant who took our information, informed us of our correct tee time, and directed us to the pro shop.

The clubhouse is set up under one roof, but it is two separate sections with the pro shop being on the left side and the Windmill restaurant on the right. You must go outside to go between the two, but you stay under a porch roof that stretches the length of the building (very cool).

We had a quick lunch at the restaurant before heading out onto the golf course.

The food was decent and the service was as well.

Celebration Golf Club Practice Facility celebration golf club driving range

I have been to the course before, but I had forgotten about the unique practice facility. The driving range is actually a grass tee area that has you hitting out onto a lake with floating greens. The golf balls floated as well and didn’t feel much different than a regular golf ball.

It is very easy to tell where you hit your ball even at the furthest green.

The splash gave it away every time.

It was very cool.

The tees were up very close to the water the day we were there, making the range very short. If the tees are up that close when you are there and you hit it over 300 yards, be aware of people at the other end of the range. I clanked a couple off the building and had to put the driver away.

Celebration Golf Club | Golf Course

The golf course is laid out between marshy wetlands and bunches of pine and magnolia trees. I’m not a tree expert, I asked.

celebration golf club golf courseWe got paired up with a gentleman named Helmut. He hit it dead down the center off almost every fricking tee box!

A big advantage on this golf course.

For a longer hitter, like myself, some of the landing areas are really narrow and can be problematic.

I was using Ping rental clubs and was steering it a little trying to keep it in the fairway. I wasn’t having much success. If I had played the back tees or stayed away from my driver, I would have been better off.

But not hit a driver…that’s no damned fun!

For a really short hitter, and new golfer, like my wife Lorena, Celebration offers 5 sets of tee boxes, making it very forgiving. She played the course at 5,181 yards, which was perfect for her.

Celebration Golf Club Scorecardcelebration-golf-club-scorecard-724w

* Black Tees- 7,038 yards

* Gold Tees- 6,566 yards

* Silver Tees- 5,958 yards

* White Tees- 5,181 yards

* Green Tees- 2,219 yards


If you’d like to check out the scorecard, full-size, you can see it on the Celebration Golf Club website here: Celebration Golf Club Scorecard

We knew there was a chance of rain and about 4 or 5 holes in, the sky opened up and it started to rain.

Actually it poured!

But we prevailed and kept going…

I actually started playing better because I had to focus on holding onto the golf club so it wouldn’t fly into a nearby lake.

The golf course was in great shape although very wet from all the rain. It was cart path only that day, but allowing a golf cart out on wet fairways would have torn the course up, so not a big deal.

The raised, wooden cart paths, that meandered through the wetland areas were very cool and added some extra character to the course.

A couple of holes later, the rain let up and it looked like we might get in all 18 holes.

The greens were large and because they were also very wet, they held the ball very well. They were in great shape albeit a little slow from being wet.

We got to experience the local wildlife when my wife hit her third shot into the bunker next to the 9th green. The Heron that were there barely skipped a beat, even though she hit her sand shot only a few feet from where they were standing.

As we walked off the 9th green, it started to sprinkle again. As we were driving towards the clubhouse trying to decide if we would continue, the sky opened up again and it really started coming down.

Helmut, Lorena and I, had to throw in the towel.

Our experience at Celebration Golf Club was fantastic and we will definitely have to go again and finish what we started.

A really cool feature (yes I’m easily amused) was the air hose near the cart area that allowed you to clean your spikes. They had the traditional shoe brushes and then what you couldn’t get off because of all the stuff sticking to your shoes, could be blown off with the air gun.

Great little touch!

We decided to make a visit to the bar in the Windmill Restaurant. Nothing fancy. A couple of ice teas and a couple of sodas, but again the service was good.

We made one last stop to get Lorena a ball repair tool and give the pro shop another chance to redeem themselves and provide better service.

Lorena couldn’t find what she wanted and the again the pro shop failed to live up to our expectations of what the levels of service should be at a golf course of this caliber.

You’ll hear me say this often. “It costs nothing to put a smile on your face and greet a customer when they walk in the door.”

There is no excuse for not doing this.

When we were walking out to the car, the rain was coming down harder than anything we’ve seen in Las Vegas for quite some time.

But nothing could dampen our spirits (pun intended) because we had just been out playing golf!

Please let us know if you like our golf course reviews and how we can make them better.

Have an incredible day!

Paul “The Golf Guy” Charron

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