Golf Swing Tips for Irons | Improve Golf Swing Speed

golf swing tips for iron to increase golf swing speed via trackman

Would it be ok if we showed you a golf swing tips for irons video with a simple trick to improve golf swing speed?

No golfer ever says no to that!

Adding even the smallest amount of yardage to each club in your bag, can shave strokes off your game fast!

In the golf swing tips for irons video below, Shawn Callahan helps us get an extra few yards with a very simple swing change.

Golf Swing Tips for Irons | Improve Golf Swing Speed

In the video Shawn talks about getting a bigger arc. This actually works with all clubs not just your irons.

A bigger arc always translates to faster clubhead speed.

Obviously you can only get your hands so far away from your body, but many golfers do a very poor job of this. For every small increase in your swing arc closer to your body, the bigger the increase is at the clubhead.

A great visual for clubhead speed is a mother or father playing the “whip” game with their kid.

The parent holds the child’s hands and starts to turn in a circle.

The parent barely swing tips for irons demonstrated with swinging child

They just keep turning in a circle.

Eventually the child’s feet can no longer keep up…

And they lift off the ground from the momentum and swing away from the parent.

In the golf swing, you are the parent and the club is the child.

Two things to note:

  1. Never use your child to hit golf balls.
  2. The fun nazis claim you can give your kid nursemaid’s elbow and you shouldn’t swing them like this.

When you are swinging your child around, the momentum automatically causes you to have a wide arc away from your body.

When swinging a golf club there isn’t enough weight in the clubhead to pull your arms and hands away from your body so you have to focus on keeping them away from your body.

If you focus on creating a big swing arc, you’ll increase your golf swing speed with very little extra effort.

More swing speed…

More distance.

It doesn’t get any more simple than that folks!

You can get golf swing tips for irons and a whole lot more from Shawn at ShawnCallahanGolf.Net.

As always my friends…Long and straight!


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