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Three Keys To Better Golf Through GolferOnFire.Com

  • Golf Strength & Flexibility Training

    One of the most important, but least addressed, ways to improve your golf game is to increase your strength and flexibility. We have blog posts and videos to help you increase both your strength and flexibility.

    Inside out exclusive membership area “The ClubHouse” we have additional special training for both of these vital game improvement areas.

  • Golf Technical Training

    Obviously, if you want to play great golf you need to have a great technical setup followed by solid fundamentals. Many of the videos in our basic subscription address the traditional golf swing and will help you get your swing in the best shape of your life.

    “The ClubHouse” teaches a less traditional approach to the golf swing that is easy to learn and one of the most effective training methods we have ever seen. Take a test drive today and see what it can do for your game.

  • Golf Psychology

    Most amateurs never learn the proper way to think their way around a golf course. Just learning how to think your way around the golf course better can shave several strokes of your game. Many of our videos will focus on this aspect of the game.

    Inside “The ClubHouse” you will get access to even more of the psychology that can change your game and make the difference of having a double digit or single digit handicap.