Who is This "Golf Guy?"

If you're looking for your typical, boring, snobby, golf professional, then GolferOnFire.Com may not be your cup of tea.

If you want to know more about the golf swing and learn to play the game from someone who is knowledgeable and fun, then Paul "The Golf Guy" is your man!

This is being written in third person, by Paul, because he's a little weird and quite frankly he's always had a hard time talking about himself.

Paul Charron founded GolferOnFire.Com out of his life-long love of the game of golf.

Paul grew up in a small town in southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Paul struggled with finding productive things to do in that small town. All the town had was a convenience store, gas station and a golf course. Luckily, the golf course was close enough that Paul could ride his bicycle down to it every week to learn how to hit a golf ball.

Paul would sling his golf bag over his shoulder and ride his bicycle the mile or so to the golf course. He even wore a hole in the only golf bag his parents could afford because the back tire of his bike rubbed against it. He put a piece of wood down inside of it so the clubs wouldn't fall out the bottom.

Paul was self taught and it wasn't long before he figured out that, not only could he hit a golf ball pretty good, he could hit a golf ball longer than most.

Over the past 40 plus years Paul has studied everything he could about the golf swing and he has recently learned is that everything he previously thought about the golf swing, may not necessarily be correct.

After taking some time away from the golf industry, he has come back to have another look at the golf swing from a more analytical angle.

Together we'll uncover some of the mystery of the golf swing and take YOUR GAME (and hopefully his), to a whole new level.

This site will be a culmination of the knowledge, thoughts and experiences, Paul has accumulated in, on and around the golf business, over the past 40 plus years.

He plans on using a more simple, "just hit the ball" approach to teaching the golf swing and leave all the complicated crap to the other guys.

Paul currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife Lorena and son Sean. He has a daughter Ally who lives in El Paso, Texas with his awesome grandkids Amarae and Ryan and his son-in-law Johnny.

We look forward to what he has hidden away in that scary brain of his.

He also looks forward to hearing your feedback on his latest project.

Take care,

Paul "The Golf Guy" Charron

Our Team

It takes a community to build a project like this and we are working with the best and brightest (and some not so bright).

  • Paul Charron

    Paul “The Golf Guy” Charron has been in, on or around golf courses most of his life. He’s not really good at much, but we keep him around to hear what he’s going to say next. By the way, he’s the clown on the left.

  • Rod Davison

    Rod came to the rescue when it came time to put the website stuff together. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s also going to be a guinea pig for Paul’s golf experiments.

  • Marty Somervold

    Marty doesn’t know it yet (don’t tell him), but he’s going to be a contributing author here at GolferOnFire.Com and also a test subject for many of the experiments we will be conducting in the near future. By process of elimination, he’s the clown on the right!

Our Mission

We want to introduce the game of golf to as many people as possible, in a fun and entertaining way, while helping fellow golf addicts, light up the course (and make a few bucks in the process.)

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