How To Play Golf | Is There a BEST Way To Learn Golf?

For a long time golf has been one of the most popular sports around the world.

It is also one of the most competitive sports we play so there are always people wanting to learn how to play golf or improve their golf game.

Going to your local golf pro used to be the only way to learn how to play golf. Since the advent of the internet and video cameras becoming smaller and higher resolution, there are even more ways to learn how to play golf, including books, online articles and videos.

But which is best for you?


I don’t want this to get into a full on learning study, but there are actually 7 learning styles that people fall into.

Many people fall into more than one. As we go through these you will probably say, “oh yeah, that’s me!”

You’ll also notice that many of these work well with golf and, to be honest, you really need more than one to learn how to play golf to the best of your ability.

  1. Visual(spatial) learning golfers will prefer using pictures, videos, images, and spatial understanding. A lot of golf learning is done in this way.
  2. Aural(auditory-musical) learning golfers will prefer using sounds and/or music. I don’t believe that you can learn a lot about “how to play golf”, as much as, just get general information about golf in this way.
  3. Verbal(linguistic) learning golfers are those who prefer using words, both in speech and writing. Obviously this is a large part of working with a golf coach.
  4. Physical(kinesthetic) learning golfers will prefer using their body, hands and sense of touch.
  5. Logical(mathematical) learning golfers prefer using logic, reasoning and systems. They want to see things laid out in grids and graphs.
  6. Social(interpersonal) learning golfers usually prefer to learn in groups or with other people. These are the people you’ll find at golf clinics with other golfers.
  7. Solitary (intrapersonal) learning golfers prefer to work alone and use self-study. These are the folks that you’ll see at the driving range, week after week, grinding it out hitting golf balls.

Did one of these jump out at you?


Books have always been and always will be a great source for learning any new to play golf books

Golf is no different.

When you are first starting out I highly recommend picking up a book on golf, if nothing more than to learn the language. Golf, like most sports, has it’s own language and it will make it much easier to learn if you get to know some of it.

If you get a round a bunch of golfers talking about how they can’t seem to get their grip pressure right, the stiffness of their shafts or how many strokes it takes to get it in the hole…

You may think you’re in a bathhouse and not a clubhouse!

A book is a great way to gain some basic knowledge about golf…

Grip technique…

Club selection…

Or grab some basic golf tips, to improve your game…

But the basics are all your really going to get from a book, in my opinion.

Because golf is a physical skill you will still need more instruction.


how to play golf video imageWhile a book may help you get started or diagnose some basic problems with your swing, like that nasty hook you’ve developed, it isn’t going to get you everything you need.

For some golfers, learning how to play golf can be done by watching videos like the ones we’ll be adding on a regular basis here at HowToHitaGolfBall.Com.

Video has it’s advantages over books, especially for you “visual” learners. I believe video is one of the most effective learning tools.

Not only can a student see what they need to do when watching a video, they can video tape their own swing and then see what they need to improve upon.


Working with an instructor is probably still your best option when learning how to play golf. Having someone, who knows how to hit a golf ball, walk you through the entire golf swing is much faster than trying to figure it out on your own.

Sure some pros are “self taught”, but many of them now have swing coaches to keep them in check.

We are currently looking to build relationships with golf pros, from all over the country, who are knowledgeable about the game of golf, and more importantly, fun to work with.

If you live in the Fresno area, we recommend contacting World Long Drive Top 8 Finalist, Daniel Beckman at, for a lesson or ten. You can see Daniel’s 143 mph clubhead speed  and more stats HERE.

If you know any more please feel free to share their information with us.

So no matter what your learning style is, you can get a basic foundation for your golf game from books, videos or the articles here on our site.

I still highly recommend you seek out a good local golf professional if you want to to learn how to play golf fast or take your game to another level.

We have a variety of different ways to learn here at HowToHitaGolfBall.Com and are working on offering you more each and every week.

We are currently working on having monthly LIVE clinics available through our site. This will give us the opportunity to answer questions in real time during the broadcast.

How To Play Golf Better

So, after all the reading, learning and instruction what’s next?

You must get out to the driving range or golf course and hit golf balls. The better you want to play, the more golf balls you’re going to have to hit.

It’s as simple as that. Golf is like any other skill and in order to get better you have to keep doing it over and over.

I can tell you that becoming a scratch golfer (a golfer that shoots close to par every time), it will take a lot of time and effort.

The only thing you have to decide is just how good you want to be.

If there are other things you’d like to see us cover please send an email to Paul@HowToHitaGolfBall.Com.

paul the golf guy on how to hit a golf ballAs always my friends…Long and straight!

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