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I’ve been using the Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer myself for a couple of months and I think it’s one of the best golf training aids on the market. Many PGA pros agree.

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In that short time I’ve noticed a few improvements in my swing that I directly attribute to the Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer.

I have always had pretty good tempo in my golf swing, but I believe I have improved upon in even more.

In the following video I talk more about the Orange Whip Swing Trainer.

Benefits of Using the Orange Whip Trainer

  1. Can be used indoors with the same effectiveness. NOTE: Make sure you have plenty of clearance because the Orange Whip Trainer will destroy everything in it’s path, including doors, windows, televisions, ceiling fans, walls, small pets, and small children. 🙂
  2. If you can’t put aside 5-10 minutes to get a better golf swing, you simply don’t want to get better. 5-10 minutes of training time per day, with the Orange Whip Trainer is more than enough to help groove your swing. The Orange Whip Trainer is one of the most efficient golf training aids available.
  3. Snow Bound? Raining? Windy? Cold? You can work with an Orange Whip Trainer year-round, regardless of weather conditions or daylight.
  4. The Orange Whip Trainer is heavy enough that you will likely break a sweat. This means you’ll improve your swing while improving your fitness level.

Whether your challenge is environment or little time to practice, the Orange Whip Trainer will help you overcome those challenges.

Orange Whip Trainer Drills

To maximize the effectiveness of the Orange Whip Trainer, they recommend a few core training exercises.

One workout a day is all you need, but adding an extra session or two per day, will only speed up your results when using this training aid.

Still 5-10 minutes a day is really all you need.

Daily use will any golfer seeing noticeable improvements in their golf swing, very quickly. Golfers will find their coordination improve quickly, a noticeable strength gain, increased flexibility, and a nice smooth tempo.

Strength Gains

The Orange Whip Trainer will give your wrists and forearms a serious workout.


The weight on each end of the flexible shaft is heavier than the average driver. Start slow and then increase the power of each swing until you feel the effective stretch while swinging.


The Orange Whip Trainer synchronizes the arms and body while swinging it repetitively. If you get too quick with either your hands, upper body or lower body, you will get immediate feedback that feels weird. You may even lose your balance because of the momentum of the weighted end.


Tempo is a little different for every golfer, but once you find your natural rhythm you need to lock it in. Your arms and body need to work together in your swing, stay in balance and create the most efficient motion possible.

The Orange Whip Trainer allows golfers to get the most efficient swing and improve in the off season, without hitting golf balls.

Training your swing without using a ball, helps your mind and body make a more natural connection because you are not focusing on “hitting” a golf ball. The Orange Whip Trainer will eliminate the ‘hit’ instinct from your mind and more consistent golf swing can be developed.

You will hear us say this a lot here at HowToHitaGolfBall.Com, “it’s a golf swing, not a golf hit.” Swing the club and just let the ball get in the way.

Once you start to “feel” the Orange Whip Trainer and where it would release off the end of the shaft (if it could), you will develop improved accuracy in your golf shots.

Mike Dunaway’s “Escape Force Motion”

One of the longest, and most accurate drivers of a golf ball was Mike Dunaway.

Mike taught the effect of an “escape force motion”, where you would feel the club trying to escape away from your body. This motion creates a much more powerful golf swing.

I agree.

The Orange Whip Trainer does an amazing job of helping golfers feel this motion. As you start your downswing and feel your hands and the head of the Orange Whip escaping from your center you create a lot more speed at the head.

The centrifugal force created with the Orange Whip helps golfers get a better feeling of how your muscles work in the golf swing.

The slinging motion that Mike talks about is easily felt with the Orange Whip.

The momentum of the Orange Whip Trainer in your backswing makes it more difficult to start your downswing with your hands. Your lower body can start back towards your target, before your hands are ready and this creates a better downswing sequence.

We will talk more about swing sequence in future lessons.

Orange Whip Trainer Review Conclusion

I feel the Orange Whip Trainer is one of the best training aids you can ad to your golf bag.

Not only is it great for working on your swing in the off-season, it is a great tool to help you warm up before a round.

You can pick up your Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer HERE.

If you use this tool you have no excuse to not be ready for golf season!

As always my friends…Long and straight!

Paul “The Golf Guy” Charron

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