Best Golf Stretches To Improve Drive Distance

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Recently, I got a chance to hang out at the Revere Golf Club driving range, in Henderson Nevada, with Dr. Josh Satterlee, from Anthem Fitness and Shawn Callahan from ShawnCallahanGolf.Net and talk about the Best Golf Stretches To Improve Drive Distance. Over the next little while I will be doing a series of posts on some…

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Putting Tips From a Basketball Coach


One of the most all-time, winning record coaches in history, John Wooden, rarely talked about winning, but he always talked about fundamentals. Wooden and his UCLA Bruins basketball team, won 10 NCAA championships, in a 12 year period, including seven in a row. The story goes that, even if a new kid could hit baskets…

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Relax and Swing Smooth to Improve Your Game

relax to improve your game

In the last post, Golf Swing Tips for Irons to Increase Golf Swing Speed, Shawn Callahan showed you that making a wider arc will have you hitting the ball farther without more effort. In this post we’ll add to that by talking about relaxing and making a smoother golf swing to improve your game. I…

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Golf Swing Tips for Irons | Improve Golf Swing Speed

golf swing tips for iron to increase golf swing speed via trackman

Would it be ok if we showed you a golf swing tips for irons video with a simple trick to improve golf swing speed? No golfer ever says no to that! Adding even the smallest amount of yardage to each club in your bag, can shave strokes off your game fast! In the golf swing…

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