Cheap Golf Shoes | Top 10 Cheap Golf Shoes

I’m not a big fan of the word “cheap” especially when it comes to cheap golf shoes. If you are spending 5 hours on a golf course, the last thing you want are shoes that make your feet hurt or just plain fall apart. I know inexpensive or less expensive are kind of semantics. They…

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Beginner Golf Swing Tips | Getting Your Golf Setup Correct

getting your golf setup correct

Although the principle of Golf Setup is based more on preferences, it is no less important than your grip and aim because it can affect all 5 of the laws of the golf swing. The primary influence of your golf setup is on distance and direction. This is 3 of a 3 part series on…

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Beginner Golf Swing Tips | How To Aim At Your Target

beginner golf swing tips_how to aim

I hear golfers complaining that they just want to get their swing right and not worry about all this other “crap.” By crap they are usually referring to grip, aim and setup. We established in the last post and video that grip is one of the most important aspects of the golf swing. If you…

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How To Hold A Golf Club or The Golf Grip

how to hold a golf club

Your golf swing happens fast! In under two seconds, as a matter of fact. Because your golf swing happens so fast I always want to keep it as simple as possible. Once you start to take your club back, everything needs to be automatic. Because your golf swing happens so quickly, I divide it into…

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