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We don't believe in gimmicks (like the one pictured here), but there are some great tools out there that will help you learn the game. These are some of the ones we recommend.

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Golf Training Aids

There are a ton of golf training aids out on the market, but in our opinion there are not a whole lot of them that are worth the money. The best golf training aid is really practice, but there are a few tools out there that will definitely help keep your golf swing in shape. Hopefully this will help you stay away from gimmicks. We will ad more as we find ones that work.

The Orange Whip Trainer

The Orange Whip Swing Trainer is the ultimate golf swing trainer and fitness tool for today's golfer and athlete. It is versatile, dynamic and the most effective swing aid on the market. Consistent use of the Orange Whip will improve your golf swing and provide an essential core-muscle workout. The elegant design combines a counter-weighting system and flexible shaft that work together to promote the natural golf swing motion unique to each individual.

The Orange Whip Swing Trainer will help you find your ideal swing plane, create tour pro lag, achieve perfect sequence of motion and promote balance that's supported from the ground up. Your strength, flexibility, and swing speed will increase, and your shot-making will become more accurate and consistent.

Orange Whip Trainer: Large (Standard) is the longest version and most demanding of skill, we recommend the user to be above 5 6 in.. As ability increases, height of user becomes less important, but strength and athletic ability are still important. This larger Orange Whip Swing Trainer most resembles the motion one feels when swinging a driver. The Trainer will provide the most improvement to range of motion and flexibility, due to the length. The extra length also encourages more patience in the transition to avoid the quick swings and the common over the top swing. The proper transition leads to the development of Lag.

The Orange Whip Swing Trainer will most emphasize a free flowing swing(Ernie Els like) by developing Tempo and Balance. This occurs because the user must wait longer for the momentum to gather. A potential drawback to the larger trainer is that it may be difficult to swing for less skilled or shorter golfers. Because this is the longest version, it's the most difficult to swing indoors and in confined spaces.

Orange Whip Golden: Medium (Mid-Size) is the most manageable Orange Whip Swing Trainer for those new to the game or having less developed skills. Yet, many of the top tour players have chosen the Golden because they feel swinging it more resembles their iron play. If a husband and wife are looking to share a model, the Golden is a great choice because you still get the swing development and the work-out benefits.

A faster paced swing may require the use of the Golden, because it is shorter and has less flex in the shaft, therefore it is capable of making the quicker transition. Another benefit to the Golden is that it is shorter and easier to swing in confined spaces like the garage or inside the home, if space permits.

Orange Whip Hickory: Small (Junior) was designed for Junior golfers aged approximately 7 - 12, or those golfers below 5 feet tall. The Hickory has a lighter orange ball and counterweight and the shaft is more flexible, for its length. The grip is smaller to accommodate the hands of the junior golfer. Although the Hickory was designed for Juniors, any golfer may use it to work on their short game. Because of the diminutive nature of the Hickory, it most resembles the wedge and can be used to work on wedge swings, the chipping motion, or the tempo of your putting stroke. Also, the Hickory is the easiest to swing indoors; but with caution.

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Pro Stix Alignment Training Sticks

Pro Stix Alignment Training Sticks Improve your golf game and shave strokes off your score! Improve accuracy and develop confidence with multipurpose Pro Stix Alignment Training Sticks; they're ideal for golfers of all ages and skill levels. Alignment Training Sticks are also handy teaching aids for coaches to use on the driving range; putting green and bunkers.  Pro Stix Alignment Training Sticks feature: Portable; versatile golf training tools Perfect for practicing putting; body alignment; chipping and swing plane Proper alignment can help you hit longer; straighter shots and prevent hooks and slices Lightweight; durable fiberglass rods Golf alignment sticks store easily in golf bag Portable and lightweight holding tube included 48'' poles with endcaps 2-Pack Reinforce Your Pre-Swing Fundamentals & Improve Your Golf Game!

Yoga Equipment

We believe that yoga is one of the best ways to stay in shape for golf because it enhances strength, balance and flexibility. All very important qualities needed to play great golf.

Our yoga exercises require a few essential tools to be able to perform them correctly. You can use what you have, but these will make it much easier.

We even included a "MANLY" one for those of you guys who can't stand the thought of the possibility that people will find out you're doing yoga.

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