You Can Shoot Par!

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I know you must be thinking I’m nuts, but I honestly believe you are capable of shooting a par round of golf.

You just need to work on the mental aspect of your game.

You can always find plenty of information about the “how to’s” of golf. There are hundreds of books and thousands of videos on how to grip a golf club, how to swing a golf club and how to become a better putter.

One of the most important, yet less talked about aspects of golf, is the mental side of the game.

In the following video I talk about the importance of “knowing” that you can or can’t shoot a specific score.

Changing Your Mindset About Par

It is very important that you change your mindset about par. You must absolutely believe that you can shoot a par round of golf.

When I break it down for you here I think you’ll start to believe it yourself.

Many average golfers see a par round of golf as something that is only achievable by golf professionals on TV.

With a quick change of mindset, you can understand how ANY golfer has the ability to shoot a par round of golf.

That’s right…

ANY golfer has the ability to shoot a par round of golf, with the exception of those who have NEVER made a par on any hole.

The last time I shot par during our league play, a conversation took place with one of my fellow golfers.

He said something to the effect of, “man it must be nice to be a golf pro and be able to shoot par.”

I said, “yeah I played great, now it’s your turn”, or something like that.

He said something like, “yeah I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen.”

I asked him if he ever made par on a hole and he told me he had actually made par on eight holes and then double bogeyed the ninth!

He had made eight pars in a row and still thinks he can’t shoot a par round of golf!

He needed just ONE MORE PAR!

Now that my fellow golf addicts is a mindset that you need to change!

And that is what led me to writing this blog post and cutting this video.

Getting to Par

You’ve made par on a hole haven’t you?

Most golfers have made a par on at least one hole, and probably over the course of their golf lifetime, have made par on every hole on their hometown golf course.

Think about it for a minute.

I don’t know the exact numbers but let’s say the average golfer shoots between 90 and 100.

Par on the average golf course is 72.

This means the average golfer shoots between par and two over on every hole.

We’re going to use bogey golfers as an example. That’s our 18 handicappers.

It’s not likely that these golfers bogey or double bogey every hole. They most likely make some pars, some bogeys, some triple bogeys and maybe more. But they make at least a par or two every round.

This is usually the case with the golfers that I play with in our Wednesday night league.

We have golfers whose nine-hole handicap is 18, but they still make a par every now and then.

I would bet that if I took any of our nine-hole, 9 handicap players and took their scorecards from the last year or two of league play, they would have all made par on every hole on the golf course at least once.

This means that they are CAPABLE of making a par on every hole on the golf course individually.

I believe that if you are capable of making a par on every hole on the golf course individually, you are capable of making a par on every hole on the golf course during the same round!

Thinking Your Way to Par

Even the best players in the world rarely shoot par every single round, so don’t get hung up on the fact that you can’t do it every single round.

If you watch enough golf tournaments on TV, you’ll find a player wins at tournament with four subpar rounds in a row and then the very next week goes out and shoots a 74 or 75.

Take each individual round one at a time.

Better yet take each individual hole, one at a time.

And that is the hardest part.

Most of the time we get ahead of ourselves.

We make a birdie on the first hole and our mind immediately jumps to the fact that we could shoot one under for the round!

I do it and I know you do it to.

The key is taking it hole by hole.

The next time you step up to the first tee I want you to say to yourself, I’ve made par here before and I can do it again.

And no matter what your score is on the first hole, leave it at the first hole and go on to the next.

Step up on the second tee box and say to yourself, I’ve made par here before and I can do it again.

Repeat this process for all 18 holes.

You must focus on doing this for all 18 holes!

You’ll find your scores getting significantly lower each and every time you go out to play.

Will you shoot par your next round?

You might.

If you don’t. Store up all the pars you made in that round and use them to play better in your next.

Practice your mindset as much as you practice hitting golf balls and you’ll find that you play much better golf, much faster.

Long and straight my fellow golf addicts!

As always my friends…Long and straight!


Paul “The Golf Guy” Charron

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